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Make A Wish softball Game 2000

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The Make A Wish Softball game was great! The ALL-Stars won, 9-0 !! Randy, of course, was the MVP in my opinion! he played first base like a champ. After, we enjoyed a nice picnic with the stars, talked to Randy, had our pictures taken with him and had a great time meeting all the USAR-1 and other Randy fan groups. Some of the nicest people I met there are Cheryl (thanks for the great shirt), Barbara, Herb- (such a nice guy), Cheri, Crystal (told you miracles happen!)LOL, and many more.

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures, have some more to develop!

maw-allstarlineup.jpg (27647 bytes)

Here's the All-Star Line up!

maw-rmscratch.jpg (37986 bytes)

Can I rub your back for ya! LOL

maw-rmpractice.jpg (23453 bytes)

A little practice throw!

maw-rmpractice2.jpg (24783 bytes)

what a play!

maw-rmpractice3.jpg (24339 bytes)

Love that smile!

maw-rmteased.jpg (24544 bytes)

Randy being teased by the DJ. Boy, he did that alot! It was sooo funny! Of course, we all know that he's jealous of Randy! LOL!

maw-rmatbat.jpg (34909 bytes)

Randy at bat! back up everybody!

maw-rmswing.jpg (22975 bytes) maw-basehit.jpg (37089 bytes)

Base hit! Look out!

maw-rmonbase.jpg (22220 bytes)

Safe at first!

maw-rmreadytorun.jpg (22755 bytes)

Next batter up! Ready to run!

maw-signing.jpg (21408 bytes)

Isn't Randy nice to sign autographs during the game!

maw-rncheer.jpg (27407 bytes)

Randy & the NE Patriot Cheer-leaders! I think he enjoy'ed this pose for everyone! LOL

maw-rm.jpg (33756 bytes)

Thanks Randy! It was a great game!

more pics 

I can't believe how wonderful and patient Mr. Mantooth was with his adoring fans! Truely a nice, kind person. Thanks for a great day, Randy.