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Welcome to my EMERGENCY! web site!

A page dedicated to the beloved stars of the EMERGENCY!  TV series,1972-1977

The hour-long drama series, Emergency!, was created by Jack Webb. Inspired by an experiment that began in 1969, Emergency! was praised by U.S. Senator Alan Cranston for educating the public about the value of real-life paramedics. Emergency! was a show about 2 Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics, John Gage and Roy DeSoto who together teamed up as Rescue Squad51. Along with the crew from Engine Company 51 and the staff from the Emergency Room at Rampart General Hospital, Squad 51 saved people from fires, auto accidents, natural disasters,  sofa beds, sinks and more. Emergency! made its World Premier on Saturday night January 15, 1972, as a midseason replacement, and ran until 1979, and can still be seen on TV Land at 8p.m. EST daily.  After the series' regular run, six two-hour movies aired at irregular intervals during 1978 and 1979.

You may also purchase Emergency videos Columbia House, first video is $4.95 each one after that is 19.95. Two episodes per video.


Station 51 This is the Fire station 127 aka 51 that was used in the TV series EMERGENCY! from 1972 to 1977. Station 51 was actually station 127, is located on 223rd Street. South of Wilmington Ave., in the city of Carson, California about 17 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

mantooth.jpg (60171 bytes)

Randolph Mantooth

kevintighe.jpg (20193 bytes)

Kevin Tighe

Project 51 poster

Alley Cat & crew

randy-kevin.jpg (17024 bytes)

Boys3.jpg (76405 bytes)

Monkey see, monkey do!

mikenorell.jpg (23017 bytes)

Mike Norell

mikestoker.jpg (13330 bytes)

Mike Stoker, FF

mikest.jpg (74638 bytes)

Mike Stoker

marco.jpg (30203 bytes)

Marco Lopez

Marco's Website

chethenry.gif (51721 bytes)

Tim Donnelly & Henry

emerg-cast.jpg (13537 bytes)

"Roy, Dr.Brackett, Dr.Early,Johnny Gage, Dixie"

mix5.jpg (50067 bytes)

Kevin  & Robert, (2000)



conpiccast.jpg (36210 bytes)

Cast 1999

rampartstaff.jpg (67925 bytes)

Bobby, Julie & Robert

Rampart Hospital Staff

juliebobby.jpg (54205 bytes)

Julie & Bobby

randytim.jpg (35159 bytes)

Randy & Tim (1999)

Squad911.jpg (10369 bytes)

2 of our hero's

oldroy.jpg (46047 bytes)

Kevin Tighe

rmktrfbtjlcast.jpg (72569 bytes)


kevintighe1.jpg (49319 bytes)

Kevin ( Roy)

emergencypatches.jpg (104909 bytes)


Engine51.jpg (57663 bytes)

Engine 51, La Ward France Crown Pumper

station.jpg (30211 bytes)

Station 51



Firefighter/Paramedic Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe)
Firefighter/Paramedic John Gage (Randolph Mantooth)
Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller)
Nurse Dixie McCall (Julie London)
Dr. Joe Early (Bobby Troup)
Captain Hank Stanley (Michael Norell)
Dr. Mike Morton (Ron Pinkard)
Firefighter Chet Kelly (Tim Donnelly)
Firefighter Marco Lopez (Marco Lopez)
Firefighter Specialist Mike Stoker (Mike Stoker)



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