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 [Image] EXAM ROOM 2 [Image]

"Hangup" - Johnny is exposed to radiation, rescuing scientist from 'hot room'

"Virus" - Johnny contracts a strange virus from a monkey

"Women"- A beam lands on Johnny's leg, in a building which was about to explode

"Trainee" - Johnny cuts his hand on a nail while retrieving a stolen purse

"The Floor Brigade" - Johnny falls off ladder, landing on his ribs 'rescuing' a dummy, put on a tower by children as a gag

"Heavyweight" - Johnny pulled deltoid muscle, the infamous line, "I'm skinny, but I'm tough!"

"Snake Bite" - My Beloved is bitten on the leg by a rattlesnake after rescuing two victims whose car went over a cliff

"The Promotion" My Beloved goes in the burning building to save a security cop and the ceiling falls on him hurting his leg

"Inventions" - Johnny fell off piping and got blasted by some fumes, which caused him to lose his voice

"Surprise" - My Beloved breaks his leg after falling down a flight of stairs after a building he was in explodes (photos above)

"It's How You Play the Game" -  My Beloved gets punched in the nose by a psychotic drunk guy who just ran his truck into a fire hydrant

"Nagging Suspicion" -  Johnny gets on a skateboard, and sails down a steep driveway into a cactus.  He receives a tetanus shot at Rampart

"The Mouse" - Johnny is knocked out during the last rescue of (when a jet crashes into an apartment building). He is carried out by a Pasadena fireman and is later seen being "bandaged up" by Roy and administered oxygen

"The Inspection" - My Beloved cuts his left hand, badly, while attempting to extricate an 18-year old idiot from his wrecked car

"The Nuisance" - Johnny is hit by a hit-and-run driver, sustaining a ruptured spleen and a tib/fib fracture

"Survival on Charter 220" - Johnny is trapped in a collapsed building and is knocked unconscious

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